VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This is a full-featured Internet Server which is not ‘real’.  As it’s name implies it’s virtual, actually it’s a virtualized server with a very fast Internet connection. (Gigabit Nerwork connected to the Internet backbone).

The server where you are connected to now to read this site is a VPS itself.


Virtualization has some great advantages above ‘real’ (Bare Metal) machines. Like:

  • Cost-efficiency – Unlike Bare metal machines, VPS’es don’t need their own hardware, they use the hardware from special, dedicated machines which are optimized for the task of running multiple VPS’es simultaneously. Their own Operting Systems are usually just enough for this task.
  • High performance – Modern hypervizors use  Type 1 virtualization software, which allow the client Virtual machines to have direct access to the hardware. Compared to type-2 hypervizors (which run on top of another Operating System) this performs much faster. At present the Virtual Machine running on a Type 1 hypervizor runs at (near) native speed.
  • Scalable – If you need extra RAM, CPU’s , (SSD) storage or multiple IP-addresses it’s arranged in minutes!
  • Fast and reliable backups – The hypervizor stores the (virtual) HDD or SSD as an (image) file on disk, which is automatically copied several times a day. When something goes wrong with your VM, restoring is as easy as copying the latest image back to its original place. A process which is as easy as clicking a link on a webpage!

If you want a VPS of your own, I can help you for no additional costs. You pay directly to your VPS provider. I recommend to use a Trans ip VPS, which are available from 10 € / month.

In cases where you need Linux  configuration, my Linux support rates apply.

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