Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an  equivalent  of IBM Notes & Domino. The collaboration Server comes in two flavors, the Enterprise Server (Commercial) and the Community edition (Open Source). While the two editions are practically equal, the differences are mainly the level of support.

The first time I met Zimbra Desktop (The client Software) it was love at first sight. Watch the video below and you will understand why:

It’s obvious that Zimbra Desktop is a very powerful and feature rich mail client. Later on I discovered some more nice features:

  • Platform independent. Zimbra Desktop runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and some mobile devices.
  • The option to use your existing webmail accounts like gmail, yahoo mail and Outlook.
  • The option to use multiple accounts at the same time. (I use gmail and yahoo mail).
  •  The option to create documents similar to Google documents.
  •  The option to display Calendars, meetings, appointments and briefcases.
  • Zimlets. These are comparable with Extensions in Firefox.
  • A very fast and extensive search functionality (Lucene based).
  • Contact lists, comparable with Outlook or Lotus Notes Address books plus the possibility of importing from several formats.
  • Zimbra Desktop Contacts often show photo’s of the Contact. Which are taken from LinkedIn. It’s always nice to see the face of the person mailing you! A good example of a successful mashup!

Later on I learned that the Zimbra Desktop client was actually a client-server application, where the server is the tiny jetty:// Suervlet engine and the client a small web browser, integrated in one. It’s therefore possible to use your webbrower at localhost to work with Zimbra Desktop.

Zimlets are actually small Web Apps, running on the Jetty:// server on your desktop. There are already many free Zimlets available in public libraries so it always makes sense to search before you start developing!

If you have a Zimbra Colabboration Server you actually don’t need the Client because everything can be done from the browser (although the client gives you more possibilities).

What can I do for you:
  • Host your Zimbra collaboration Server (Community Edition which is free Open Source).
  • Migrate your existing emails, meetings and  Contacts to Zimbra Calendar entries or Applications to Zimlets.
  • Provide training for your Administrators and users.

Before I can give an accurate estimate, I need some information from you about:

  • Your number of users. I won’t host for more than 500 users. If you have more, I recommend that you visit zimbra.com.
  • Your existing infrastructure (if applicable).
  • Weather or not you need Migration.
  • The expected traffic per day.
  • Your desired level of Service (response time and guaranteed uptime). With this information we will create a SLA (Service Level Agreement).

I recommend you hire a VPS from TransIP. for which I’m providing support.


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