Web development

Don’t confuse web development with web design. They are two different disciplines. Where the development is responsible for the business logic, the designer is devoted to the creative process of creating attractive looking pages.

As a web developer, I work on the backend of the website. This is the part which makes the website interactive. You submit something (like data or a search query) and you see a result coming back.

However, I have a business network where I can use (if necessary) designers from. I say ‘if necessary’ because graphical skills are not an absolute requirement to create nice looking pages anymore.

CSS Styles are available in abundance all over the web and can be freely downloaded and used to give your website a nice look & feel.

Take for example this website. It has a consistent look & feel over all pages. This was realized by a theme, a CSS style in combination with a set of rules, fonts, and other graphical elements.

What can I do for you
  • I can create websites for you which provide interaction, like updating or listing database contents. Next to this I can create web-interfaces which can communicate with other systems, like other websites or web services. Like the weather channel.
  • Next to this I can create (Google-Like) search pages which can (for example) search your company’s intranet.
  • I can create webpages which show particular parts of other websites (web-scraping).
  • I can create webpages which show different parts of other websites, based on a subject. (For example, news articles from your neighborhood, combined with photos from flickrof the location where the news article is about. (This is known as mashup)
  • If your company uses Databases I can create webpages which can show the content of the databases in a format you require (like reports).

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