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Mobile development doesn’t differ very much from classic application Development. Except when you (like me) Don’t know much about Objective C, although it’s very much Java and (like Java) ObjC is Object Oriented. So having OO-Skills definitely a plus! This is also true for the MVC pattern, which IOS relies heavily upon. MVC is also the Pattern which many Java and J2EE frameworks rely on.

In the past I created a vew IOS Apps which I used for my own purposes.

  1. An app which used data about police speed measures. I got all the data (including locations) from the webpage of a local radio station (BNR News Radio) and plotted these on Google Maps. Whenever I was riding towards an active checkpoint with a speed higer than the maximum I got a signal from the app, which made me spontaneously reduce my speed so I could pass the checkpoints with a smile on my face and greeted the police officers at work. This app must have saved me thousands of Euro’s in the four years that I used it.
  2. I also had the need for a location tracker, which recorded my location for a longer period (years). I wrote an App which could detect when I was moving (or not). In case I was moving with more than 20 km/hour my location was saved every 5 kilometers. Because I had expected a pretty large amount of Data, I used a private Twitter account to store my data in. Whenever necessary I could retrieve my data from Twitter and created reports for a certain time interval. I needed it when the IRS asked for it. Luckily they never did. This registration of Kilometers was necessary since I had filled in a statement to the tax authorities that I used the lease car of my boss for exclusive business purposes.

Also, knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 is an advantage. Since I have both, I have enough skills for basic IOS development.

How about Android?

Android uses Java but unfortunately I haven’t any experience with Android development (except for the ‘Hello World’ App.

What I can do for you
  • Create an App for IOS which can register and store your driven kilometers in a private Twitter account.
  • Write a Java Application which reads the data from Twitter and imports it into MS excel.
  • Create a speed check App which warns you for police checks. This is however pretty useless since there is already Flitsmeister, which is of higher quality. and is available for both IOS and Android.

I can only do this for countries where it’s not forbidden.

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