This is currently one of the most flexible services I have to offer. You provide me with an (online) link to your data you want to be searchable and I will crawl the data and give you either an API or Search Form which you can use. The choice between API or form is up to you. The search interface I offer is much like the Carrot2 Demo on this site.


The costs depend on the number of pages to be indexed. In the table below you can look it up for your situation:

Nr of pages Costs
Up to 100 99       €/month
Up to 1000 700    €/month
Up to 10000 990    €/month
Up to 100000 1800 €/month

The standard indexing interval is one month. Upon request this can be increased to any frequentcy you wish. The costs will increase with 100 – 10% for each additional re-indexing job per month. So if you want 3 indexing jobs for 1000 documents you will pay 700 + 630  + 567 € = 1879 € per month.

This may seem expensive at first sight but customers with 1000 pages are not my core business. Try this with 10 k or 100 k pages and you will find these options are hardly more expensive!

I can offer up to 10M documents, above 1 M documents the price can be negotiated.

A page is defined as standard HTML or Office Document with a textual content of 1-2 kB (2 A4 pages).

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