The road to successful IT certification.


This guide was written from my own experience with the Sun Certifcation for Sun Certified Java Programmer. Although Java is currently owned by Oracle and a lot was changed since version 1.4, this manual can help you with any IT Certifcation. I’ve tried to make it general purpose.

Below are the steps I took and they also will apply to your situation, weather it’s Microsoft, Red Hat or anything else. My score was 86 %.  And you can achieve the same.


  1. Start with getting a good understanding of the Exam objectives. These are essential for your success.
  2. Buy a good book which covers all subjects of your Certifcation.
  3. Take a few days to study the material thoroughly. I did it chapter by chapter. At the end of each chapter, answer all practice questions.
  4. After you’re done with the book try to get your hands on a good and recent Exam Simulator. They can be obtained from several sources,
  5. Start with doing your first exam. Go on until your time is up and review all your answers. For each wrong answer make sure you understand what was wrong.
  6. Repeat with different exams. You should see your score gradually increase.
  7. Once you are well above the required score (use a safety margin of 20% you are ready for the real thing.
  8. Now is the time to contact your nearest test center and make an appointment.
  9. in the meantime keep practicing your exams as described under 5 and 6 and keep a record of your scores. You will notice you become better and better each day.
  10. At the day of the exam, make sure you are present at least 1 hour before the test starts.

After the test

Congratulations with your Certifcate, you can now start applying for jobs. If you don’t have a job immediately, try to get a temporary contract or join an Open Source project. Which is always good for your CV.



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