CouchDB, relax on your Couch with NoSQL and MapReduce


When I first Installed CouchDB it came very familiar to me. I had seen it before. Documents, Views, DocumentCollections, the DocumentUniqueID and more. Later on I discovered why. CouchDB was developed by Damien Katz, who was earlier one of the Developers at Iris, the Development team behind Lotus Notes and Domino. In fact, I once met him at the Lotus DevCon in San Fransisco somewhere in 2003.

To introduce you to CouchDB I added some tutorial videos below, as well as Coucio’s beautiful hit ‘I use CouchDB’

It’s I obvious. CouchDB is a Document Database and NoSQL which is (as the girl in the videoclip says: A nonrelational Database. Just like Lotus Notes. In fact we can say that they are identical. There’s only one difference. The format of the Documents. Where Notes Documents contain Rich Text, CouchDB Documents contain JSON.JSON is for JavaScript developers what XML is for Java Developers. It is like XML Data which can be showed as raw data or nicely formatted text, in which case it’s not different from Lotus Notes.


JSON as Rich Text
JSON as Rich Text

JSON is however much more than Rich Text. It can (like XML) be structured Data or Logic or a Programming Language. This makes CouchDB a very Flexible Data Storage System. Just like it’s brother Notes, CouchDB can create Replica’s and Replicate the whole Database over many Servers, which makes CouchDB even more flexible.


CouchDB is a very flexible and easy to use Data Storage System which (like other NoSQL systems) is very suitable for Large Data Storage and can (because of it’s JSON) storage format be displayed in any way you want. CouchDB is also a JavaScript Serverside Scripting environment. You can create beautiful WebApplications with it. I currently offer CouchDB hosting for free.


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