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I was planning to put everything into one single article but later on I realized it would be very long. In this former article I already introduced you in Web Scraping. For now let’s build on with this idea and make our web application more attractive for the user by adding some related things to it and also make it interesting for us, the developers and see how we can make money of this.

We already have a nice Web application which allows us to do the same as the veterinary Database we scraped from the web. Off course we made it much nicer looking than the original by adding CSS3 and HTML5 but in its essence it’s still the same.

  1. It would be nice for people who are looking for places where to buy it (like verterinarians).
  2. Or for Students in Veterinary medicines to see additional information like clinical trials or Physical and Chemical properties of the active substance(es).

We can help the first group by searching for the (unique) Reg.NL number and collect Supplyers, photo’s and prices and make nice overviews of, which we can make available (for an additional fee) which is our income for the additional work.

For the second group we can provide links and content from NCBI,

Example For Vitamin B12
Example For Vitamin B12

Which isn’t hard to do, since most NCBI Data Sources have their own API’s. Since these are free and students are usually not rich we can offer this service for free.

We now have a Web Application which brings a lot of additional value compared to the original Veterinary Medicines Database. But there’s even more we can do with our existing data to monetize it!

  • The wholesaler will be interested in comparing the prices of products, as well as specifications such as waiting times, storage periods or contraindications. We can provide them with this against a good fee.
  • The registration holders would probably like to get a notification when their products are going to expire and may be willing to pay for this service.
  • I didn’t mention yet the manufacturers who would like to see how their competitors are doing with prices and specifications. All valuable information which they are willing to pay for.

We can expect our site to attract lots of visitors and can further monetize this by selling advertisements.


We took the data from a boring governmental Database and made it into a profitable business!



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