Why HostNet sucks.

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HostNet is Evil!

HostNet is a Dutch hosting provider based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Lately we are reading more and more complaints about this company.

I also have bad experiences with this ‘company’:

  • The support is arrogant and incapable.
  • The prices are to high.
  • Their services are technically incorrect and insufficient.
  • Their sales department is intimidating and technical out of date.

The whole company is not capable of competing with their American competition anyone. This is why you should avoid them. If you are looking for a better (Dutch) alternative, I highly recommend TransIP. Not only because they have the most modern equipment. This company does have qualyfied people, a good Support center and great sales.


Hostnet Sucks!

If you need more support, you can Contact me! I’m a TransIP recommend Administrator and Support engineer.

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