OpenVPN Clients setup

Setting up your OpenVPN clients

My OpenVPN server supports  the following clients:

  • PC (With Microsoft Windows or any Linux).
  • Apple Mac (With MacOS X).
  •  iPhone or iPad  (IOS 8 or higher).
  • Android devices (Currently everything is supported). You must have the Android OS installed.

Installation of the client Software

Note: Connecting to a VPN will change your IP address. To be able to check this properly you should first find your current IP address and make a note of it. To find your IP address point your browser to

Microsoft Windows

For Windows, the OpenVPN client is called OpenVPN GUI. You can download it from

After you installed it you can import your ms-windows.opvn file and simply click ‘connect’. After 10 to 20 seconds you should see a message that you are connected successfully.

Verily that your IP address has changed.

Again check your IP address and verify it has been changed. Your new IP address should be From here you are safe. You can connect to each site you want. Your anonymity is guaranteed since your IP address is completely different! You may also use blocked websites or tunnel trough proxy servers. Remember: You are anonymous so impossible for others to trace!

Apple Mac

To connect your Mac to my OpenVPN you need to download tunnelblick from It’s just a small download. After downloading, open the .DMG and install the software as you are used to on your Mac.

After you installed it you can import your Mac.opvn file and simply click ‘connect’. After 10 to 20 seconds you should see a message that you are connected successfully. You will also see the progress in a small window in the right top of your screen. As soon as the messages change color from red, yellow and finally green you are connected.

Again verify your IP-Address as described above.

Mobile devices

OpenVPN Connect on iPhone 6
OpenVPN Connect on iPhone 6 

For Tablets, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone and Android devices the setup procedures are all the same.

  1. Go to the App-Store (Apple) or the Google play store (Android).
  2. Search for OpenVPN and pick the OpenVPN Connect App.
  3. After it’s installed, import your ovpn*

On IOS, connect your device with a Mac or PC running iTunes and transfer the ovpn using iTunes directly into the device. On Android go to ovpn profile and the file you have downloaded will automatically appeard on the screen and just click the file after you see the check in the right side click Import on the above side.

ejwagenaar iphone openvpnejwagenaar iphone openvpn. The figure  the left shows the OpenVPN interface on an iPhone. The interface is exactly the same across all mobile devices, weather it’s IOS or Android. Note that the image here has two configurations. (Actually it has 2 different ovpn files imported). This could be useful if you have two different providers. In practice you will get only one.

*The .ovpn file contains the full configuration as well as encryption keys to connect to the OpenVPN service. I will send you this when you subscribe.



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