Style ListAttr

// To retrieve a style from a text pane, see
// Listing the Styles Associated with a JTextPane

// Get number of attributes
int count = style.getAttributeCount();

// Get enumeration of attribute names; an attribute name can be
// either a string or a StyleConstants object
Enumeration enum = style.getAttributeNames();
while (enum.hasMoreElements()) {
    Object o = enum.nextElement();
    if (o instanceof String) {
        String attrName = (String)o;
        Object attrValue = style.getAttribute(attrName);
    } else if (o == StyleConstants.NameAttribute) {
        // Retrieve the style's name
        String styleName = (String)style.getAttribute(o);
    } else if (o == StyleConstants.ResolveAttribute) {
        // Retrieve the style's parent
        Style parent = (Style)style.getAttribute(o);
    } else {
        // Retrieve the style constant name and value
        String attrName = o.toString();
        Object attrValue = style.getAttribute(o);

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