Why I lost my (Apple) religion and switched to Google and Android.


Since the beginning of my interest in Computers and Software I never made it a secret that I was a Mac fan. Next to my (Power) Macs, iMacs and Macbooks I owned iPhones, iPods, iPads an iWatch and even an Apple TV!

Since the latest months this has all changed. I threw everything in the bin, bought a Samsung Galaxy A10 and a HP Chromebook.


iTunes pissed me off, after years and thousands of Euro’s for my extended music, movies and iBooks libraries, I couldn’t access them anymore. Reason: ‘An unknown error has occurred’ After contacting Apple support I found out that there was a problem with a payment, 3 years ago. My Netflix subscription was 25 cent behind after I cancelled it

Way to go Apple! You are doing a good job in getting the attitude ofthe  Microsoft Nazi’s! This is absolutely the proper and right way to say goodbye to your faithful customers! Acting as if all the (music, entertainment and literature) content is the sole property of Apple!

Regreds? No! Those of you who follow this blog already know that I’m interested in Google’s technology in Information Retreival, AI and Machine Learning . These are getting more visible in their products every day! My Samsung Galaxy A10 is equipped with 8 cores(!) and camera’s with more MegaPixels than all previous iPhone models ever had together!

Trading in my Macbook Pro for a Chromebook was (and still is) a great pleasure! Not in the last place because the Chromebook is less then 10% of the price of a MacBook, it also performs 10 x better and has a 14 ” display in stead of the MBP 13 “!

Actually, this post was written on my new Chromebook.


Cebu City, June 22 2019.

Evert Wagenaar

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