some things that need improval in the Philippines



I’m from the Netherlands and live in the Philippines foralmost 10 months. I noticed some things that could be improved.

Automation and Computers.– Yes, the Philippines are on the right way! Websites like Lazada and Shopee proved it already. There’s just one but! The governement…. My fiance is waiting for her birth certificate for years now… It’s because of an error which was made by an officer of the multiciplicity of Baungon. It’s sad…. People shouldn’t be the victims of the errors made by their own governements…. Off course there’s a way out! Corruption! Just pay the officer10,000 PHP and everything iis arranged immeadiately! Unfortunately wer’e not milliomaires. We can make a living in here, but Corruption doesn’t fit in it. Neighter in our lives.

Come to my country, speed on the highway and try to buy a police officer. You’ll be thrown in Jail for the rest of your life! Why? We don’t accept corruption and NEVER will!

Dear Mr. President Duterte, i am not addressing you personally. I just love my Fiancée and want to marry her.

Could you please help us to get out of this situation!

Thank you.

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