The real corrupt governements? Netherlands or the Philippines?


I live here with my fiancé for almost a year now. I’m trying to make  a honest living by helping EU businesses to do business in Asia. At first I had my doubs by leaving to a corrupt part of the world. After my first year I adjusted my opinions.

  1. The Philippines are not unguilty. Everything is for sale if you have connections and money. Sure: Mrs Marcus owned 200 pairs of shoes; a Shame! But compare it with the Garderobe of Queen Maxima! If we could get wealth tax on this, all the financial problems of NL would be forever gone! Including the budget deficits! And wealth taxes are the only taxes the roayal family had to pay! Yes, had! Since 1973 or so, it  was decided that they could get it back!
  2. The pleasure boat of grandmum Beatrix (The green dragon or so) has annual service costs which are enough to fill the entire budget of the complete Ministery of Defence!
  3. And then wer’e not even talking about their properties and the ‘allowance’ of Princess Amalia, a little girl. She receives 15 M € a year for nothing!

Who are paying?

The hard working tax payers of the Netherlands. It’s theft in my opinion!


The Dutch governement loves to point their fingers to the Asians when it comes to corruption and nepotism but in fact their’e much worse!

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