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Evert Wagenaar started in 1988 as a Chemical Analysts in a Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization. Initially as Chemical Analyst, later as a Study Director for Analytical Method Development. Currently, I live and work in the Philippines.

In this function, Evert soon discovered the importance of information to do his job. R&W Bio-Research became one of the first companies in the world with email, Usenet and a website: rwbio.nl (link from Wayback machine).

This allowed the academic researchers from R&W to be way ahead from their competitors! Not in the least place because they had a committed online researcher). If you want to read more about my Research period check out this post.

After 10 years in the laboratory, Evert expanded his horizon and became a full time IT consultant at companies like EMD Nederland b.v. and MINT b.v. Both IBM Business partners, specialized in IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and WebSphere.

At present, Evert is working exclusively for customers, preferably from his home office. He is experienced in the Java Programming Language and Apache Open Source Software. Especially the projects Lucene, Solr and Nutch (All Enterprise Search Projects for which he contributed himself).

For more on his skills and experience see his latest CV. The CV of July Guillermo. Her linkedin profile.


or his LinkedIn profile and the rest of this site. Also, make sure to visit the services page.

How I can work for you

I’m currently living and working in the Philippines. From my office where I have access to fast internet with which I can configure the various VPSs and execute installations.

Additionally, I can hire highly qualified staff so that we can also take on heavier jobs. This works much better than Outsourcing to India since in the Philippines the second language is English, the religion is Christian and the culture is much less different compared to India. Philippino ICT experts are (at least or even better) qualified than their Indian colleagues!

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