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Lingo is an American television game show with multiple international adaptations. It’s available in many countries. Chances that you have never seen the show are low.

To demonstrate the power of Apache Lucene I created this Java based Web Application. It has a wordlist with almost half a million English words. It runs on Apache Tomcat and is very fast.

You can use it freely for your own personal use. Weather you like word puzzles or are a Lingo fan who doesn’t want to miss a single episode. This is for you!

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  1. Open LingoWeb in your browser (the link opens the WebApp).
  2. Bookmark the Lingoweb webApp in your browser (unless you want to visit this page over and over again).
  3. Enter a LingoQuery.
  4. Hit ‘submit’
  5. All words which correspond to your query will be shown at the top right of the screen. It’s area has it’s own scroll bar at the right so you don’t have to scroll through the whole page.

Speed is amazing! Average queries take < 50 ms.

How does it work?
The Application uses Apache Lucene, Apaches Java library for Information Retrieval (IR). The Lucene Query is nothing more than a Text String which is translated into a Lucene WildCardQuery, This Lucene Query Object is executed in a Java Runtime Environment In our case on the Apache Tomcat Servlet Container which allows Java code to be executed in a web environment.

As soon as you opened the WebApp you should see a screen like this:

Although you haven’t entered any query yet, your screen will open with results. A query is automatically executed to warm-up the caches so that the next searches you do will be faster!

To do’s:

  1. You cannot enter a question mark as the first character in the query. I’m looking for a solution.
  2. It would be nice to have a mobile app.
  3. If you have requirements you would like to have, please Contact me or post your requests to a comment to this post.