Migrating from or to Lotus Notes


There are many cases where you decide to move from your existing Lotus Notes environment to something else like for example Zimbra. If I was a Domino user I wouldn’t have to think about it.

  • Zimbra (Open Source Edition) is free, compare with Lotus you save at least 2000 € per server per year, whereas Zimbra is completely free!
  • Zimbra offers the same and much more than Lotus Notes / Domino.
  • Open Source is always better than Closed Source, since we can look into the source code, we (and the Community) can continuously improve the software and remove bugs.
  • Open Source communities work more efficient.

As a IBM Notes and Domino specialist I have been involved in a nummer of migrations, either from- or to the Notes platform. The highest demand was with the introduction of Microsoft Sharepoint. Which was nothing more than a bubble.

From a Notes point of view we can distinguish two types of migration:

  1. From (the Notes platform to another platform).
  2. To (the Notes platform from another platform).

From a technical point of view there’s one important question that needs to be answered: Let’s say that further on we will call Notes the home platform and the other platform the guest platform,

Regardless of the Migration type  (From of To)  I assume the API of the home system (Notes) which is Java! The guest needs to support the same programming language! (Java). At present, most Document formats are XML based. Also Notes! Everything in Notes (including the design) is complient with the Domino DTD. A cool feature of XML is that it can be transformed to any other type of XML (including (X)HTML). This makes migration a lot easier.