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Java / J2EE Development

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J2EE stands for Java Enterprice Edition version 2

I’m a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Developer since May 2005 and have worked at several big companies and organizations (ABN AMRO, European Union and the Dutch government) at several projects. All with all I was active for over 7 years with (usually) Java EE (Enterprise Edition) projects.

Aditionally I have been active in the Apache Software Foundation as developer for the projects Lucene, Nutch and Solr.

Why Java is the best programming language.

Not everyone may agree with me but that’s usually out of ignorance. Here are my top reasons:

  1. Java (unlike others) is a real programming language (and not a scripting language like JavaScript, PHP or Python and the like).
  2. Java is Object Oriented!
  3. Java software can be used on the Desktop but also in we browsers or on Servers (as Servlets).
  4. Java is Platform Independent. It’s always very nice to see that the code you wrote for a particular program can run everywhere, from your PC to your Mac, Android phone and even iPhone!
  5. Java is fast! Programs written in Java are comparable in speed to C and C++! Sun has put a lot of effort in this.
  6. Java is a compilation language. The code first needs to be compiled to byte code before it can be executed!
  7. Java is Open Source!
  8. Java integrates very well with most common databases thanks to JDBC.
  9. Code which has been written can easily be re-used.
  10. Functionality in Java can be used everywhere as it’s very easy to transform it to we services which can be called from every programming language from all over the world. This is known as so a .
  11. Java has the best IDE‘s. Working with Eclipse is a real pleasure!
  12. java has all tools necessary available in Apache-Commons.
  13. Java works seamlessly with together with the Internet!
  14. in Java it’s common practice to write automated (JUNIT) tests. A good practice which saves lots of time, since every time support has to be done, the test suite can be run, ruling out programming errors, since every piece of code has already been thoroughly tested.

Before I started with Java I was already an experienced programmer in amongst others (Visual Basic, COBOL and Pascal) but I can honestly say that Java changed my life!

How I can help you

  • Automate your business processes.
  • Add interactivity to your website.
  • Create tools to empower your business.

And much more. To give you some inspiration have a look here.