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The Lingo Query

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What is the Lingo Query?

The Lingo query is a text string made up of characters and question marks. An example LingoQuery could be:


This matches exactly 10 words; edged, edger, egged, eagle, ergot, edgar, edges, eight, eager and egger.

Below some examples:

Link #Matching Terms
A???? 413
AA??? 1
AB???? 45
E?e?? 19
e?g?? 10
  • As you can see from the examples above the number of terms found is larger when the number of question marks increases.
  • The number of question marks plus the number of normal characters equals the length of the  word to be matched.
  • The Lingo Query is case-insensitive. A,B,C, etc. matches a, b, c etc.

The lingo query can best be compared with the horizontal rows in the Lingo (TV show) matrix (see below).

Lingo TV Show
Lingo TV Show

Currently it’s not possible to enter a question mark at the first position of the query. This may be a Lucene limitation. I’m still investigating the problem. Once I know a solution for this problem, I will install a new version here.