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Can you picture of today’s world if “Open Source Movement” never existed?

I got this question today July 27 2018 from Quora and off course needed to give an answer. Here it is:

Open Source initiative
Open Source initiative










It’s difficult to say but taking into account that the World Wide Web runs for 99+ % on Open Source (The Apache httpd server). And the top Browsers (Chrome and FireFox) are Open Source I would say there would only be a World Wide Web for the elite (10%) of the world population, concentrated in Europe, North America and some parts of the Middle East.

Or maybe more realistic; That the MSN would have won the Browser and Server wars and Microsoft would be dominating the world. I know this is a horror scenario but it is probably how the world would look today if there wouldn’t be Open Source.

Luckily we are blessed with Open Source so we don’t need to think to much about this horror!