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The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)


In previous articles I talked about the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). There’s more. It’s all part of a bigger plan. The Rich Client Platform (RCP).

To understand the Rich Client we first need to know the normal client. For the RCP Developers the normal client is a Webbrowser. Although Webbrowers have evolved significantly the latest years (AJAX, JavaScript Libraries and performance), a Browser is still a Browser. We can use them to view webpages.

Although the Rich Client can do this too. It’s much more an Application which can run standalone or by using Servers. In this case, the Rich Client is hosted as a Web Application. To get an idea of what’s currently available, visit the Eclipse Rich Client Marketplace. It currently has 1654 Rich Clients and new ones are arriving daily. Most of them are developed using a variant of SWT. The Eclipse Project which is most involved with RCP is the e4 Project.