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How fast is my OpenVPN service?

Two words

Blazing Fast

Today I had an hour to check it out. I started the client and went over to TPB. I started a random number of downloads (of files with high numbers of seeders. Within one hour my 256 Gb SSD was full!

While I was watching I observed download speeds between 1 and 10 MB/s.

Here’s a short video:

Please note that I’m speaking about 1 to 5 MB/second. Later on his climbed to 10 MB/second.

My own Internet speed (not that of the VPN Server, which has a Tb connection to the cloud) is 10 Mbps,which sounds like a lot but since the speeds being advertised by the ISP are MegaBITS per second and uTorrent shows megaBYTES per second. The quick and dirty conversion calculation is to divide by 10, so 10 megaBITS per second works out to 1 megaBYTES per second under perfect conditions. How can I achieve 10 MB/second (100 Mbps)?

The answer is that with many seeders I’m dowloading multiple times my max.